Our team is made up of Heart Association (AHA), and American Red Cross (ARC) certified representatives that are determined to raise awareness through presentations, programs, classes, and training. For more than ten years throughout the Greater Atlanta Metro Area, theG.I.L.L.S. organization has passionately advocated the benefits of swimming. G.I.L.L.S.is an acronym that describes the use of Swimming and CPR, to help individuals learn and develop life skills, that encourage safety, good health, social interaction, and a more independent community. 

​Giving Individuals Life Long Skills

The ways in which we are participating in the community is through local events, organizations, and schools. We also offer local businesses, on-site classes, programs, and resources that advocate the benefits of SWIMMING.​

We Enjoy Teaching and Our Patrons Enjoy Learning!

G.I.L.L.S. is a community social service that aims to provide the tools and knowledge to help instill skills that a person can use to acquire jobs, save lives, and improve health. We strive to advocate how swimming can lead to a healthier you and a positive lifestyle. 

The G.I.L.L.S. Team, Fully Trained & Certified

  • EMTs, Water Safety Instructors
  • CPR, AED and 1st Aid Instructors
  • Lifeguard Instructors
  • Certified ARC & AHA Representatives
  • Parents and All Around Good People

Our Goals Include:

  • Boost Health Awareness through outreach efforts  
  • Help prevent unnecessary deaths
  • Providing practical training and guidance

Our goal is to convey to the general public that learning how to swim develops healthier, well-rounded individuals, and offers skills that comprise much more benefits than just getting in the water.   

Serving the Greater Atlanta Area! 678-577-1511

The Team

Get Involved In Your Community

Our mission is to introduce, train, and inform individuals in the Greater Atlanta Area, about the skills associated with Swimming. Our purpose is to promote AQUATICS, SAFETY, and WELLNESS.

Safety, Wellness and Preparedness in the Greater Atlanta Area

save lives